Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Adorable Babies (well, just the one)

Update: While I do still get annoyed at seeing all of those "This diet/weight loss plan worked for me!" pins on Pinterest, it was very mean of me to say no one cares about someone losing a lot of weight. I know those women worked very hard to do that and if it were me, you bet your Lean Cuisine that I'd be plastering pictures of myself all over the place. I'm probably just jealous because I still can't fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans. Unless you count "fitting" as greasing up my thighs and rolling around on the bed to get them past my hips and zipped up.

Now, I know my daughter is adorable. Please. No one needs to tell me that. But it's amazing that so many people, especially strangers, want to fawn over our little one.

For example, I was shopping at the mall for my little sister's birthday gift and I stopped in Nordstrom's because I had to pee and feed Allie and it's the fanciest place to do both in style and comfort. At any rate, an old woman stopped in front of the stroller and was ALL ABOUT ALLIE. She thought she was the cutest baby, so precious, and practically fainted when Allie smiled and laughed at her. It was pretty sweet to watch.

Sunday night, Brian and I stopped at Winco to get a few things and this guy asked if he could look at our baby. We obliged considering he seemed to be getting mushy about it and not asking in an I-plan-on-stealing-her kind of way. He explained that he had 3 kids at home and the youngest was 2 so he kind of missed the baby stage. And then on the way out, we ran into him again and he asked for one more look. That second one kind of weirded me out a bit but then I remembered how adorable Allie is and it made perfect sense.

And then of course there's all the people at church. Everyone thinks she's so cute, so adorable, so precious, so happy, so (fill in the blank). I mean, not to brag, but she really is. So I guess I can't slight them for pointing out the truth.

Don't even get me started on family. I think my dad has to physically restrain my mom from driving up here every time we send a new pic/video of Allie.

I mean, just look at this face?!?!?! Unfortunately, this is going to make disciplining her and saying "no" that much harder as she gets older. We never stood a chance.