Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pinterest 101

First of all, go vote. Seriously.

Secondly, here's my post.

Ever since I  became obsessed with Pinterest, I've learned several things.
  1. Pictures lie. There's this program. It's called Photoshop. *MIND BLOWN*
  2. People don't include warnings in their tutorials. Filling the bottom of your oven with ammonia will not only fail to get those super stubborn stains off, it will make your entire apartment smell like a hair salon in a very bad way. Here's a little tip for you: that's why they created this little cleaner called Easy Off. Just don't ever get it on your skin. See? Warnings included.
  3. No matter how easy that sewing tutorial looks, if you are bad at sewing, it will be an EPIC fail. 
  4. I can browse the recent pins for hours just to find one that will make me laugh. "I do 5 sit ups every morning. It may not sound like much but there's only so many times you can hit the snooze button."
  5. Whenever I tell my husband "I saw this thing...," he'll cut in with "...on Pinterest?" He thinks I get all my good ideas from the internet. Which is... pretty much true. 
  6. Guess what? Exercise and eating better helps you lose weight. There are no secrets.
  7. Just because someone else says a recipe "is SO RIDICULOUSLY GOOD" does not mean you and your family will think it is SO RIDICULOUSLY GOOD. 
  8. Labeling every single thing in your house does not make you organized. It makes you crazy. I get labeling flour and baking powder because those can look the same and seriously screw up a recipe if switched but I don't need to label my clear container with pasta in it. I am perfectly capable of seeing what's inside, thanks. Put the label maker down and back away slowly with your hands in the air.
  9. Whenever my husband looks at me questioningly because I'm doing strange things like putting a paste made of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap on my white clothes, I just look at him and say "Trust me. I saw this on Pinterest." I'm actually pretty certain I've seen a pin that says that very thing...
  10. Some pictures of houses are just so unreal. Sure, it totally makes sense that you don't have any toothbrushes or toothpaste on your bathroom sink.
Basically what I'm saying is everything on Pinterest has to be taken with a grain of salt, as it were. Now I'm off to browse Pinterest for some fall decorating ideas for lazy people.