Friday, November 16, 2012

A Friday List

Today my baby girl is 3 months old. Just like that. Next thing I know, she'll be wearing make-up and driving.

Besides having a daughter that's growing so quickly before my very eyes, several things have made this a good week.
  1. I received some birthday gifts in the mail which included the mint skinny jeans I wanted, a Starbucks treat from my sister and college roommate, and an Old Navy gift card. Which means I got motivation, coffee, and shopping for my birthday! All of my favorite things! Except the motivation. But I needed that because the mint skinny jeans are a size 8 which is my pre-pregnancy size which is *ahem...* not my current size.
  2. Because gift cards literally burn holes in my pockets, I went out the very next day and shopped at Old Navy for 2 hours. Allie was such a trooper. She only fussed for a few minutes in the dressing room which led to me feeding her while talking to my sister on the phone. Sure the dressing room attendants probably thought I was like trying to steal clothes since I was "trying things on" for 45 minutes but whatevs.
  3. My husband left me a note one day. He makes me smile. Like in the way where you're smiling so big your cheeks hurt and people start to think you look like a creeper. 
  4. I baked blueberry muffins. They were delicious and my husband has had them every day for breakfast which he has thoroughly enjoyed. And it makes me happy to make him (and his stomach) happy.
  5. My parents are coming to visit tomorrow and staying a whole week! Shopping, pedicures, eating a lot... it'll be great fun!
  6. It's Friday today. Which means we get to eat pizza tonight, sleep in tomorrow, have 2 days of family time, general relaxing/weekend stuff. 
 Enjoy your weekend!

P.S. There is, however, one thing that threatened to RUIN my entire year. Hostess is going out of business. I must go buy all the Ding Dongs in the store to prepare for the end of the world this.