Monday, July 23, 2012

Demolition. Part 1.

The cabinets are out! I have to tell you that my husband gets strangely excited about demolishing things. Must be a guy thing. He was like a kid on Christmas except armed with a crowbar and sledgehammer (which I could barely lift).

Some bad news: we can see daylight behind the sink fixture (which my husband says is never good) and there was a pile of dirt and chewed up insulation just hanging out under the cabinets which he says is probably from rats (ewwwwww!!!!!).

The VERY good looking handy-man himself. :)

And the weird wall is gone! And yes those are paint samples on the wall. I'm going with neither of those. I really, really am really, really bad at picking paint. But check out that fancy wall paper... it's so retro...

Saturday he did this (sorry for the fuzzy iPhone pics):

The new shorter wall is already up (which will be an island/bar top) and you can't see it, but the popcorn texturing has been scraped off of the ceiling. I think that's it for the demolition. There are some holes that need to be patched throughout the house (especially the hole that goes all the way through the wall behind the sink) but I believe the "putting in new stuff" process starts now!