Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On the hunt

I finally went to Joann's yesterday to get some cloth to recover the glider chair for the nursery. I decided on solid navy blue duck cloth so that a) it could be used for future nurseries for boys or girls b) it's more durable than regular quilting fabric but cheaper than home decor fabric and c) it probably won't show stains as much as a white/neutral color would.

With a 50% off coupon I was able to get 2 yards for $10 which was just in our price range. I really wanted a small wide pillow that could fit behind my lower back and offer some support so I hunted and hunted at Joann's to find something that would blend the navy/coral/neutral theme I have going. I found nothing...

But I did find this on Pinterest.

How perfect are those fabrics??? Well don't get too attached like I did because after doing a little research, I found out they were $60/yard.


Oh, but I could've just bought a small pillow for the same price. *insert rolling eyes here*

I was crushed. That fabric is exactly what I was looking for and completely and totally out of my price range. So now I'm still on the hunt for the perfect fabric that will tie the nursery colors together and make my glider chair makeover complete.

By the way, after buying the fabric to recover the chair yesterday, I sat down to get started and then realized I was scared. I've never recovered a chair before and people on blogs make it look so easy but when it actually comes time to do it? I feel like it could turn into a really big fail of epic proportions. EPIC proportions. Wish me luck! Or stand by to mock my slow demise as I attempt a DIY that is probably too sophisticated for me.