Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Guest bathroom ideas

One of the things that has kept me sane during this renovation process is planning each room. There are a lot of things we learned from doing the last house which is helping a lot with the decisions we make for this house.

Neutral Bathroom
This is the mood board I put together for the guest bathroom (which will be the one the girls' will use). We want to try concrete floors in there since it will be quicker, easier, and cheaper than doing tile. The good thing is if we want to go back and put tile over it, it'll be no problem. We had travertine shower surround in our last bathroom, which I really liked but I'm sooooo drawn to white subway tile I haven't decided which one is going to be installed. The tan swatch is the paint color that we chose for the whole house so I wanted to make sure everything in the bathroom tied in with that.

Brian plans on making the sink console and matching mirror himself. It will look similar to the one pictured but have 2 shelves and no drawers. I'd love to do sconces on either side like the one in the picture, but there's no room with the way it's currently set up so I think we'll have to stick with a simple vanity light above the mirror.

Once the bedrooms are finished, the guest bathroom will be the next thing we work on (hopefully while the kitchen cabinets are being replaced). I know it'll be slow going but imagining what I hope it's going to look like helps me have a little more patience...