Friday, October 7, 2011

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Once the chilly weather hits, I have a sudden strong urge to a) not work b) build a fireplace in our apartment and c) make soups.

One of those urges was satisfied this week.

I turned to my trusty PW Cooks website and found a recipe for chicken tortilla soup which is basically "chicken chili" according to my husband. Here's what I did/did not do (since we've established that I'm not an excellent recipe follower):
  • I quadrupled the amount of chicken she puts in because we love meats in our house and 2 chicken breasts did not seem like a sufficient ratio of chicken:soup.
  • I did not use cumin but a combination of garlic powder, chili powder and taco seasoning (which had cumin in it).
  • I used water instead of chicken broth because water is free.
  • I forgot about the corn meal step because I was hungry.
  • I did not add onions or cilantro as garnish because we ain't that fancy.
  • I did splurge and get a $0.89 avocado to garnish with because I love avocadoes.
It was ABSOLUTELY yummy and perfect for a cold winter-y night a.k.a. 60 degrees. Just wait until it gets down into the 40's. I'm a So Cal girl born and bred so that's like freezing to me. Anyway, the hubs totally approved because he loves chicken and chili so it was like a meal come true for him.

Click here to see Pioneer Woman's recipe and try it for yourself!

I love me some soup with my sour cream.