Monday, October 24, 2011

Jobs and Work and Stuff

So I'm sitting at home tonight wondering what it would be like to work from home. I secretly want to be a personal shopper for people but no one wants to pay hundreds of dollars for someone else to do their shopping. But let's think about this. I love to shop. I happen to love dressing people. My resume would say that I have about 12 years experience of doing this with my Barbies. I love to put outfits together and accessorize. And I don't just love doing this for myself (although that is lots and lots of fun of course). I have actually done this for my sister and my old roommate. It was fun! I loved it! And I've always wondered how I could do that for a living. (I think I charged them a meal from Tommy's... which is like $7. If I lived off of Tommy's I'd weigh 3,000 lbs and be homeless.)

Here's what spurred me on: my husband has been thinking about doing something that he loves. I am totally supportive and excited and scared but we've been praying and we're going to trust the Lord to take care of us no matter what (since He's been doing that for oh... 26 years and He's never failed me once).

But then I got jealous. I want to have the job that I love. I want to look forward to going to work everyday. I want to get paid to do something fun and interesting.

Does that sound like a complaint to you? Because it is. So here's the question: where's the line with being happy and content with how abundantly the Lord has blessed you and not settling for second best with your life choices?

I'm not sure I know... in the meantime, I will gladly do my work that God has blessed me with because I know He has me there for a reason and a season but I'll still wistfully dream about dressing people up. Like the closet scene in Clueless. Except I'm the computer and the world is my closet. Or something like that.

"Lucy, you know I don't speak Mexican!"
"I not a Mexican!"
"What was that about?"
"Lucy's from El Salvador. It's like a whole other country. You get mad if someone thinks you live below Sunset."

And here's a little sneak peek/teaser of the frame project in it's final stages...