Monday, October 31, 2011

The worst Monday ever?

Well, I've got several things going against me today.

I have a birthday gift card to Old Navy that is literally (ok, not literally) burning a whole in my pocket. It must be spent. IMMEDIATELY. Unfortunately I have to wait until tonight after I get off work. (It was given to me yesterday. My husband had to physically restrain me from immediately sprinting to Old Navy to spend it.)

Secondly, guess what!!! Guess what guess what guess what!!!!!!

My husband and I are going to LA this weekend. AUUUUGGGHHHHHH!!!! {Insert super excited kind of crazy scary smiley face here}

I'm so so so SO SO SO excited to see my family. See, my precious baby sister was born exactly one week before me (3 years after me) and from that day on, I've never had a birthday to myself. (My older sister shares a birthday celebration with Jesus so it's like a family thing.) I don't think I ever really cared because we usually got our own presents and it was easier to have the family do one celebration. As we get older, we still celebrate together the weekend that falls between our birthdays.

By going to Disneyland.

I'm not kidding guys, ever since like age 20, I've gone to Disneyland for my birthday every year. I have the "It's my birthday!" buttons to prove it.

And this year will be no different.


So NOW can you see why this week will be the most dreadfully long week of my life?

True to form, I am already planning an outfit. It's supposed to be cold so I think sweater, boots and a scarf will be the way to go.

I really do own boots that look kind of like those ones shown below. Once upon a time I was at Ross looking for black boots and I found a pair of Nine West black boots for $29 which was like the best day ever.

Well, the best shopping day.

Okay, not the best shopping day because I think the best shopping day was when I went shopping with Jen last year and blew my $150 savings in one shot but came away with 3 beloved cardigans that I still wear to this day. In fact, I'm wearing one today.

I also came away with cognac knee high boots for $9 from Old Navy. That is not a typo people. $9. There was no price on the boots so I asked the cashier how much they were and her response was "Does $9 sound good to you?" Honey, not only does that sound good but I think my heart just stopped.

That was the best shopping day ever.

I know those jeans look like mom-jeans but they are not. They're skinnies from Old Navy. Or maybe they are mom-jeans and I'm in denial.

I felt like going really monochramatic mostly because I love that sweater. Please note it's from Old Navy so if all goes according to plan, I will be the owner of that sweater by 6pm tonight. I'm hoping that it's not really $54 because if it is, my plan will be foiled. Seriously Old Navy? You're killing me here.

I threw that wristlet in there because taking a huge purse to Disneyland is a drag and I know deep down in the world of fashion being completely monochramatic is also a drag.

I'm also into stud earrings these days. Not sure why but those just called out to me. "The gold calls to us..." Name that movie!
Untitled #27
As if that wasn't enough to make this week forever long, we're also having sushi for dinner on Saturday.

Let's just recap:
  •  LA trip to see my family
  •  Shopping at Old Navy (for free since gift cards are like free money)
  •  Disneyland
  •  Sushi
These are all ingredients for a very, very good recipe.