Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Well now that I've crawled out of my pajamas and into the real world, I thought I'd blog for a bit. Last week was terrible. I got food poisoning. I know the flu is making it's rounds right now but it was definitely food poisoning and I'll spare you the details of how I know that. The good news? I lost 10 pounds! The bad news? Our house went into shambles, my poor husband had to pull double duty after working 10 hour days, I missed our monthly women's meeting, I had to get on a plane and oh yes, I've got a 5-month-old baby.

The great news is that Brian's mom and sister came over on Thursday to help me out a bit. His sister washed the dishes and folded laundry while his mom played with Allie and I slept. His sister must've drawn the short straw. At any rate, Friday morning I was like 95% sure that we were going to have to cancel our planned trip to L.A. for my older sister's baby shower. I was just so excited to see my family though and all I had to do was make it through the flight so we decided to go for it. I dragged myself around the house throwing things in a suitcase while Brian got Allie ready.

Well it was just one thing after another. I got carsick on the way to the airport. We got there and realized Brian forgot my suitcase at home. Poor guy. I think it was a rough, long week for both of us and to his credit, he remembered the other 2 suitcases that had baby shower stuff and some other things I'm lending to my sis.

His dad brought the suitcase from home and as we were about to walk through the metal detectors, we heard "Last call for Stephanie and Brian Reeener." I made it through first but unfortunately Brian had forgotten about a pocket knife in his backpack so they had to hold him at security which meant I had to run. I sprinted to the gate to see if they'd hold the plane but they had already locked the doors. Having had nothing but fluids for 3 days, I collapsed in a heap and tried to get oxygen to my poor weak body. I'm really being dramatic, I didn't pass out or anything. But it sure felt like I was going to...

And then here comes Brian running with Allie and car seat in tow.

Since Southwest is really the best airline ever, we were able to standby and board the next flight to Ontario for free. We did eventually make it to my parents house but flying while recovering from food poisoning is just a very bad idea of epic proportions.

So now that I've updated you on all the gross dirty details of my life last week, I'll have to do the next post on something fun and happy... like my sister's baby shower! And I have pictures! Whoooo HOO. (Well, Brian took them but whatevs.)