Thursday, January 17, 2013


Well Day 2 of Insanity is done. I know what you're thinking... I thought you started it a week ago? You're right. I did. And then I took a week off to recuperate. Isn't that how you exercise? Do it one day, kill yourself and your body so you can't move for a week, then repeat...?


Just me then?

Ok well I'm not letting a little thing like not being able to sit down for a week get me down. The first day after "Day 1 of Insanity", I was holding Allie and preparing to sit on the couch to feed her. About halfway between the standing position and the sitting position, my legs started to quiver and shake. Turns out the extra 18 pound baby was a bit too much for my poor thighs and they just collapsed and gave up. Lucky for me (and Allie), the couch broke our fall.

But enough about me and the machines I try to mimic once a week, let's talk about more exciting things. Like teething babies. Or growth spurts. Or teething + growth spurts = no more 8 hours of sleep at night.

None of those sound like appealing topics after all. What really sounds appealing right now is eating a whole bowl of cookie dough while I soak my poor muscles in a hot bath.

Wait... you're not supposed to down a bowl of cookie dough after working out?