Monday, January 21, 2013

A mother's intuition

Okay ladies, I have figured it out. There are several things that come with being a mother:
  1. Mom jeans. 
  2. An incomprehensible knowledge of the most depressing stories of all time. See this post
  3. An inexplicable ability to imagine the worst case scenario. 
Case in point: I have more than once caught myself imagining scenarios that seem absolutely impossible but at the same time extremely likely. For example, the other day I decided to walk to the grocery store nearby with Allie. It's 0.8 miles away and I had to cross over the freeway to get there. Here are some scenarios I imagined:
  • Finding a dead body somewhere on the side of the road. I think I watched too much CSI in college. 
  • The freeway overpass collapsing and me having to sprint to the other side as the pavement crumbled behind me. 
  • Me having a seizure and Allie's stroller going out into the middle of traffic and a car hitting her and catapulting her out of her stroller. Mind you, I have no history of seizures, nor does anyone in my family and Allie was strapped in. 
  • Someone jumping out from behind a bush and trying to rob me and finding out I only had my house keys so they stole Allie to sell her for money.
Now I know these seem comical now... believe me. I'm seeing the ridiculousness even more as I type it out. But these scenarios were so very real to me when I was walking that I actually had to stop myself and just pray that the Lord would give me peace and remove these silly thoughts from my mind AND remind myself that He is in control and no matter what happens to me or Allie, He is sovereign.

And NOW I feel bad for making fun of my mom all those years for imagining the worst case scenarios. Go figure.