Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lurkers and creepers... Closer than you think

Before you think this is some Dateline special on peeping toms, I'm talking about online lurkers. And to find one, sometimes you just have to look in a mirror.

That's right. I'm talking to you. I know I've posted on this topic before, but the funny thing is that I caught myself being a lurker all over again!

Granted sometimes I don't have time to post a comment, especially on a blog. But I'm totally an Instagram lurker. I follow these women whom I've never met in real life and I don't interact with them and all they know is that a StephReiner is following them. Never likes the pics. Never leaves comments. Just lurks. And stalks. And pins the picture of their homes to have as inspiration for the day I actually decorate our home instead of just talking about it. (A whole new development on that front, but that's for a future post.)

Anyway, I would tell Brian these stories of women I don't really know and he would just get weirded out. He said I was basically a stalker. I balked at that title, but you know what, he's right! So I decided to start liking. And commenting. And emailing. 

And you know what? I'm loving it. I'm loving the whole community of social media. I love connecting with people who have similar tastes even if they live halfway across the world. And it's not like they're the President of the United States who is too busy to respond to your comment. I've gotten responses from most of the people I've reached out to and it's just super cool!

Anyway, there's s lot going on in our lives right now. Some things in the mix that might mean big changes for us. I hate to leave you hanging but I don't want to share info prematurely until we know for sure what the Lord is leading us to. We're praying a lot about Brian's job and our home and a new business venture that I'm sort of heading up myself. It's scary and risky and exciting and all these emotions that overwhelm me.

But I'm thankful that I can write my thoughts and feelings and all you lovely lurkers will read and either agree, pray for us, or whatever. And with that final thought, I hear a toddler scooting her way down the hallway which means my 10 min break is over.