Friday, July 24, 2015

A Friday Rambling List

Is it just me or does everyone else spend every day of summer with their hair up in a bun? I've tried different hair styles, but this hot weather makes me not want to have hot, thick hair on my sweaty neck so it always ends up in a bun.

So much to the point that I think my babies wouldn't recognize me if I wore my hair down. I did Heidi braids yesterday (which you would know if you followed me on Instagram) and by the end of the day, my hair ended up in a top bun.

Thankfully, top buns are so in style right now.



Okay, so it's just me then?

Let's forget I said anything... and have a Friday list!
  • It was a rough week. I remember thinking "This is the longest week of my life." on Tuesday. Tuesday. Morning to be exact. Wednesday rolled around and things started to look up and then it was Thursday which I basically treat as a pre-Friday and good gracious, I'm so glad the weekend is finally here. 
  • It could be that I'm counting down the days until Brian's stay-cation. He's taking a few weeks off for family visiting and to work on the house. I'm super excited to say the least. The girls are so excited too. They've been celebrating all week by not taking naps. It's great. So much fun.
  • I've been in the mood to crochet. Not sure why 100 degree weather makes me want to have a lapful of yarn, but it did. The girls wanted to crochet too. Allie unrolled a whole ball of yarn while Maddie grabbed handfuls and stuffed it into her mouth. Again, so much fun. 
  • Do you ever feel like you're the only mom who has kids that are constantly trying to sabotage her? I mean, I LOVE my girls. They are the BEST, they make me laugh and they are so fun. But it's like they plot to not sleep at the same time. They plan to have meltdowns at the same time. Like "Hey, Allie is screaming and crying. That looks like a good idea. I better do it too, even though I have no idea what I'm screaming and crying about. Oh look! Mom is crying too! SO. MUCH. FUN."
  • I think I might be delirious from the lack of sleep/overload of toddlers. 
  • It's been a long week. Somebody get me a bowl of ice cream, stat.
  • T.G.I.F. am I right?