Thursday, September 25, 2014

House Shopping: Living Room Edition Part 2

I've changed my mind once again on our home decor for the living room. Luckily, we're nowhere near finished so I still have time. Since we've finished the kitchen, we've sort of taken a break from remodeling. I think having lived with multi-color painted walls and concrete floors for so long, it's starting to feel normal. Anyway, this cooler weather will force us to start doing stuff again (since all the rooms are missing baseboard and hello, drafts and spiders.)

It all started with a trip to Ikea. I was scoping out the rug that I had included in my last moodboard for the living room and... it was a letdown. As much as I loved the pattern and colors, the rug itself looked dingy and dirty. Not something I want to worry about considering it's probably going to get extremely dirty with a toddler and a baby around.

So back to the drawing board I went. My criteria was a durable rug that would be light enough to brighten up the space but not show stains. I settled on this jute rug from West Elm. I definitely didn't want a shag rug since Allie is always eating in the living room (since it's technically part of the kitchen). Jute seems pretty durable (we have it in our room) and doesn't feel as scratchy as it looks.

I kind of like the monochromatic look since we will have dark wood floors and a red brick fireplace. But I also love a good color pop so we'll see what happens... Plus I'll be bringing in color with a few plants. Of course they'll all be plastic because this house is where real plants go to die.

Living Room2