Friday, August 30, 2013

A Friday list

I have a million blog posts to catch up on. But instead, I'll just do my normal list. Friday list on an actual Friday!
  • Allie turned one. Don't even -- I can't. 
  • My family came to visit. There was much spoiling to be had all around. And Allie wasn't the only one to benefit from it :)
  • I've lost all sense of time. Being a mother is a 24 hour job. There are no breaks, vacations, or lunch hours. There is only work. For the next 58 years. 
  • Speaking of losing sense of time, I also forget that normal people have 8-5 jobs. It all comes screaming back when I'm stuck in traffic on my way home from a trip to the grocery store. 
  • Brian started a new job. He's only had to work overtime a few days since starting 2 weeks ago but mostly has actually been home by 6 pm. I think I like this job. 
  • Allie turned one. I think -- my brain -- cannot --
  • I'm finally getting around to finishing some more decorations for the nursery. I think by the time Allie is starting school, I'll have it all done. 
  • Disneyland in 78 days. And don't you think for one second that I don't already have my (and Allie's) outfits planned. In fact, I think I'll do a mockup post. I haven't done one of those in awhile.
  • We're celebrating our 3 year anniversary in a week. Can you believe that? I hardly can. What are we doing for it? Well... we have a 1 year old baby and no babysitters, so.... we'll probably party it up at home. Ahh the life of a parent...
  • I'm not feeling very funny these days. Hopefully you can stick with me. Maybe my funny bone will come back someday. If not, then I guess I can have a hold on the niche market for the sad reality blogs.