Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mom Style: Airport

This is the first of the outfit posts I had mentioned doing. We'll see if it becomes a thing!

Airport travel is so tricky, especially with little ones. Outfits have to be chosen carefully. I'm serious! You should not wear a maxi skirt/dress unless you want to be felt up by TSA so my next best choice for comfort is leggings. Here's what I'm planning on wearing (after several days weeks of indecision)

Top: Old Navy similar // Kimono: H&M similar // Leggings: Old Navy // Sandals: Old Navy // Tote: Old Navy // Solly Baby Wrap in Castlerock

Some requirements: Shoes have to be easy to take on and off. Very light sweater for the cold plane (don't want to pack a bulky one that will never get used in Maui because it's like 80 degrees there.) Loose top that I can easily nurse Maddie in, if need be. Large purse to carry snacks, toys, etc. The Solly Wrap is going to get used as a scarf until I need to put Maddie in it.

Also I realize I'll be like a walking Old Navy ad. Seriously, where is my check from them?