About Me

I'm a So Cal girl transplanted to Nor Cal who's learning how to be a Proverbs 31 wife! I'm experimenting with cooking, crafting and everything else. I love fashion and being creative with clothes so you'll see lots of that on here too... Basically, I get bored easily so there's always something new distracting me and this is my way of sharing that with you!

It's weird to be writing an about me when I'm certain that the only people who visit this page have known me for 5+ years (some have known me my whole life) but I guess if there happens to be a visitor, they can find out more about my life.

I grew up in LA, literally born in East LA. A few years after graduating college (and going through several roommates), I met my future husband. I thought he was weird, he thought I was stuck up but God had different plans in mind. We were married in September 2010 after dating for 15 months. It's been a whirlwind since then and married life is crazy, fun, tiring, sanctifying and all that other stuff. We had Allie in August 2012 and then Maddie in June 2014. Parenting life is crazy, fun, tiring, sanctifying and all that other stuff.

I started this blog because I wanted to. I discovered other blogs somewhere in January 2011. Yes, please mock me. It took me that long to discover the world of blogging. By that time, people had been doing this for years and were pros! Nevertheless, it's an outlet for online shopping and sharing outfits. It's an outlet for my adventures and mishaps in the kitchen. It's where I can post my thoughts and you can read them if you want or you can ignore me. It's where I can occupy myself when I'm bored.

Speaking of boredom, I'm bored of writing about myself.

The end.