Tuesday, June 4, 2013

For sale

I'm selling my left arm.

Ok, I exaggerate.

Let me rewind a bit...

Allie really wanted to go to Disneyland for her first birthday.

*Ahem... *shifts uncomfortably*

Fine. FINE! That's a lie. I really wanted to go to Disneyland for Allie's first birthday. But we decided that going in August would be too hot and crowded so that idea was scrapped.

And replaced, of course.

With this idea: going to Disneyland for my birthday.

November will be much cooler and less crowded so it was just a better idea all around. We'll be going with my parents, sisters, brother-in-law and nephew. We're going for a few days to get our money's worth, so we'll be staying in a hotel.

Now we are on a tight budget, so Disneyland trips just aren't really a possibility right now, or ever.



I have 6 months.

And I am determined.

6 months to raise a little extra cash to pay for a little birthday trip for me. "It's my birthday present to me!" Name that movie!

So I've been scheming a few ways to make money but unfortunately most were ridiculous, illegal, or unethical. Then I realized I had done all this work in Adobe InDesign to create a few prints for Allie's nursery. So I decided to post them on Etsy for sale.

You can check them out by clicking the link at the top of the page that says "My Etsy Shop".

And before you get all "Ugh she's promoting herself." well, yes. I am. So good for you, Captain Obvious!

I blog because I love it. I love writing my thoughts out and making people laugh. It doesn't generate any money for me but that's fine. I couldn't care less because I do it for kicks and giggles.

But that doesn't mean I don't like to make an extra buck here and there. Especially when it's going towards my "Birthday Present To Me Disneyland Trip Fund".

So I will promote myself via my blog if I want to. Because it's my birthday and I'm allowed to do what I want!!! Or something like that that sounds less selfish and spoiled....


On a completely unrelated note, if someone is interested in buying a left arm, please contact me.

On another completely more related note, if you are interested in donating to my Birthday Present To Me Disneyland Trip Fund, please contact me.

Note: If you don't understand my obsession with Disneyland, read these to get an idea.