Thursday, November 7, 2013

Friday List on a Thursday

Another Friday list on a random day of the week!
  • This time next week, I'll be packing last minute snacks and toiletries, doubting my wardrobe choices and hyperventilating. Can you believe it? It was like 6 months ago that we planned this Disneyland trip and now it's finally here! I haven't started packing yet, but I am mentally working on outfits already. Also, Brian says he can tell I'm excited because instead of listening to Christmas music I've had this playlist on YouTube looping for the past 2 months...
  • Allie had some garlic hummus this past weekend. She loved it but oh my word, the girl had the WORST smelling breath! I brushed her teeth twice that night and gave her a bath and she was still breathing her stinky garlic dragon breath all over my face for 3 days. It was awful. Never again.
  • Brian is working during the day for the first time in a month. He's been working 6 pm - 4 am which has been pretty rough on us but we're thankful that it's brought it's own blessings and it's finally over! The down side is now I'm back to running errands with Allie again. Try explaining to a tired, cranky toddler that you have to make a real quick stop at Target after a play date. Yeah, that goes over really well.
  • I made these oatmeal raisin cookies (just the cookie part, not the filling) for Brian and his reaction was "I've had better." Now granted, he really enjoys saying that because he thinks it's hilarious, but he did really think they were missing something. So I turned to the trusty Pioneer Woman. I used this recipe but didn't do the whoopie pie part. I added nutmeg and raisins and his eyes lit up when he took his first bite. He then proceeded to eat half the batch and decided that instead of a sandwich for lunch, he'd just pack the rest of the cookies. Success!
  • I think I've put on a few pounds and you know what really helps? Maternity jeans. Why anyone would ever go back to wearing normal pants is beyond me.
  • Allie learned to give Brian kisses. It's really cute because he'll make the "mmmm" sound so she'll do it too and lean in and smack him on the lips. I tried to get her to give me kisses the other day and she leaned in... and licked my cheek. 
Have a great weekend!