Monday, November 3, 2014

Allie's Play Kitchen

Phew. That about sums up this whole process. But the moment is finally here. Allie's kitchen reveal...

I'm going to spare you the long gory details of how this all came to be and hopefully let the pictures talk for themselves. It still needs some paint touch-up but this poor girl has had to wait long enough so maybe if I get in the mood one day, I'll do it. Most likely not. Also, I tried to link as much as I could in the lists below, but it's been so long that some of the stuff isn't even sold anymore.

Free cabinets from Craigslist

Cutting the cabinets down

Butcher block slab that Brian brought home from a house they demo'd.

Used leftover trim/baseboard paint from our old house

This was the Christmas Eve picture I took. We stayed up until 1 am and decided it wasn't going to get done. It basically sat untouched for 10 months until...

The small trash can came with our trash can that we use in the kitchen. The toaster was a gift from my sister.

The faucet was from Habitat for Humanity, mixing bowl from Marshall's, small whisk and spatulas from Target, other utensils came with Allie's cookie set (linked below).

Wire baskets from Ikea, play food from Ikea or Amazon (gifts from my parents and sisters), red wash cloth from my kitchen, wooden eggs and crate from Michael's.

Rolling pin from Old Navy, metal pans from Brian's grandma, pans, pots, and oven mitts from my parents (linked below)

Cookie set from Brian's parents, metal cooling rack from Marshall's

Towels (Bed Bath & Beyond)
Pots and Pans (Melissa & Doug)
Wooden food (Melissa & Doug)
Wooden cookies (Melissa & Doug)
Toaster (Land of Nod - discontinued)
Fabric fruits and veggies (Ikea)
Rolling pin (Old Navy)

I guess it's not really fair to do an accurate cost break down because a lot of the stuff was what we had lying around but here it is anyway.

Everything from Michaels, Home Depot and Marshall's, we bought with gift cards so it changes the final price a bit. I also bought the Michael's stuff with coupons.

Paint (white and gray): $0 (leftover from other projects)
Wood to fill cabinets and for countertop: $0 (scraps that Brian has collected)
Butcher block counter: $0 (Scrap that Brian brought home from a house they demo'd)
Wooden circles: $4 (Michael's)
Magnetic paint: $3 (Michael's)
Pre-cut plexiglass: $2 (Home Depot)
Metallic gray paint: $4 (Home Depot)
Bowl used for sink: $4 (Marshall's)
Cooling rack used for oven rack: $2 (Marshall's)
Faucet: $10 (Habitat for Humanity)
Handles: $14 (Ikea)
Wire baskets: $12 (Ikea)
Total spent: $36 ($54 if you count the gift card stuff)

So there you have it. We probably could've finished a lot sooner if we didn't move, take on an entire home renovation and have a new baby but what are you gonna do...