Tuesday, January 20, 2015

(Semi) New Year Resolutions

Well it's a good thing one of my New Year Resolutions wasn't to blog more.

Here they are:
  • Either get back down to 150 lbs or be able to run 5 miles in an hour. So far I can do 1 mile in 14 minutes, if that gives you any indication how crazy this goal is. But I have to do it! I have to fit into my pants again. I miss regular pants. Sorta. I really do hate running though. More on that in another post.
  • At least one more trip to Maui. We really do have to take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts and Brian's parents have insisted on having us come out in May. Obviously, it didn't take a lot of persuasion...
  • Home remodel. I'd like to put lofty goals on here like "Finish the house by the end of the year" but I know that's foolish and unrealistic, so here's my goal: be content with our circumstances and make the best of it. It's so easy to complain and compare but I've resolved to not nag Brian and not whine about the never-ending to-do list. This probably could be applied to more areas of life, but we'll just start with the biggest one.
  • Finish half of the crochet projects I have going on right now. And half of the ones that I'm planning to start. I can pretty much guarantee this goal isn't going to happen but I feel like it has to be on here.
  • Memorize James. We're memorizing it in our couples bible study and so far I have the first chapter down. If I finish James, I'd also like to memorize Philippians. Memorization is my favorite thing to do because it's something I can pick up where I left off if I get interrupted (which is basically constantly). Plus then it's running through my head throughout the day which is always a bonus.
That's it. Nothing crazy, nothing special. There are some other goals that Brian and I have set as a family, but this is my blog where I can share my own specific goals. And you guys can sorta hold me to them. Maybe I'll even check in periodically with how things are going!


Sometimes I make myself laugh. Quietly. In my head. Because there are sleeping babies that cannot be woken.

Now the next question is... should I go work on my crochet goal or my running goal or make some cookies? I think we all know what the obvious answer here is.