Monday, June 15, 2015

Modern(ish) style

Now that I'm into decorating mode, we're slowly acquiring things for the house. And slowly because sheeeeesh house stuff is expensive! No wonder DIY is all the rage these days. That said, I think the style I'm going for is clean lines and simple designs, sort of like mid-century furniture but not totally that. The trick is getting Brian on board with everything. Which is why no matter what I chose, it better be comfortable.

Remember when I blogged about being indecisive? Yeah I changed my mind about the area rug for the living room again. The one I think I want (but let's face it,that could change) is out of stock so I have no idea what to do now. Hope that they restock it soon? Or figure out how to make it myself? Weaving a rug can't be too complicated right?

We already have the dark gray Karlstad sofa and loveseat that I'm going to add tapered modern legs to (similar to these). We also have a free coffee table and side table, both of which are more old fashioned in design. I'm thinking of replacing them with (or making) something similar to the IKEA ones shown below. I'm still going to keep everything else neutral. And here's hoping my snake plant lives long enough to see the day that the room will be finished. But I wouldn't bet on it.

Living Room