Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Hopefully by now you guys know how imperfect I am. I've mentioned several times that my life isn't all rainbows and sunshine, my house isn't perfectly curated, my kids aren't perfectly behaved, yadda yadda.

I've been seeing this trend on Instagram lately where women (and only women < -- there's something there) are feeling anxiety, worry, guilt (tons of that, actually) that their lives don't compare to someone else's perfect little Instagram squares. They are feeling like they're just not enough.

Let's be honest here. EVERYONE does it. Everyone stages pictures or shares the beautifully captured moments. Maybe your lighting isn't great or the kids are a little blurry but we all do it. Once in awhile we might throw in a "real" picture of our messy lives but for the most part, we like to filter what we show of our lives to the world.


Because when your child is in the middle of a temper tantrum, it is monumentally bad parenting to whip out your phone and share a picture of them screaming on social media instead of dealing with it.

Because when your sink is full of dirty dishes, you know you should be getting off your phone (and your butt) and doing them but you don't feel like it.

Because when you actually clean the entire house, it's 8 pm and there's not enough daylight to get a good picture and by the time there is daylight, there will also be tiny people undoing everything you just did.

Because sometimes when your kids are reading quietly and your home is clean and you have a minute to rest, you want to be in the moment and enjoy it instead of running to your phone to snap a picture.

Are you seeing my point here?

Don't feel pressure to be fake. There's a reason we only share the beautiful, inspiring pictures and it's okay. The problem is using Instagram as a ruler to measure your own worth. Yes I went back and bolded and underlined that because it IS a problem. We should be able to look at these pictures and see the beauty in other people's lives and be happy for them.

Imagine that. Be happy for a complete stranger who looks like she has it all together. Who knows? Maybe she does. Maybe her life really is that perfect. Good for her! Seriously! Not like in a sarcastic way.

Because, guess what? I pretty much guarantee NO ONE in your home is judging the mother/wife you are by looking at Instagram pictures. They are seeing who you are day to day. Let it be messy. Let it be beautiful. Let your kids and husband see someone who is real, who relies on the Lord for strength, who faces each day (sometimes each moment) with grace.

Let them see how much work it takes to clean up after them, to cook for them, to care for them. Let them see how peaceful and relaxing a clean home can be. Let them see how fun and spontaneous playtime can be. Let them see real life.

Gosh that was so inspiring, I feel like I need to needlepoint it on a pillow or something.