Friday, October 23, 2015

Interviews with Allie

(I'm reading my bible at the table while the girls eat breakfast)
Allie: "Mom, I want you to talk to your bible."
Me: "Umm... What? Wait, you mean read out loud?"
Allie: "Yeah."

(Allie wakes up at 5 am and sees Brian walking around without a shirt before he leaves for work, he puts her back in bed to sleep and goes to work -- after getting dressed obviously) 
Allie: "Where did dad go?"
Me: "He went to work."
Allie: "Ugh!! He forgot to put his clothes on!!!"

(I'm walking on the treadmill and start doing my 1.5 minute sprint) 
Allie: "Mom!!! Be CAREful!! Don't trip and die!!"

(Allie just woke up from a nap but still looks really tired)
Me: "You still look tired..."
Allie: "My face is tired."

(I sneezed)
Allie: "Nice. Cover your mouth, mom."

(Singing 'You've got a friend in me' from Toy Story)
Allie: "You're gonna see it's our guest are neat!" (That's supposed to be 'destiny')

Interviews with Maddie coming soon! She learned a new word yesterday. "boop" which means poop. The good news is now she can warn me what's in her diaper. 

When did these girls grow up so fast?!?!