Friday, October 2, 2015

Life and mdjzkizzzzzzzzzzzz...

I know I like to drop these pregnancy bombs on you guys, like I did with Maddie. But you should feel special. You guys know before Facebook and Instagram, which in this day and age puts you right up there with family!

I've been so off on my social media though. I keep forgetting to post pictures and that could be because the last few weeks have been kind of rough. This pregnancy is turning out way harder than the previous 2 and the nausea has been full force. If only it wasn't nausea, you know? Why not just like muscle spasms or something? Sure it would drive you crazy but at least it wouldn't completely cripple you for hours at a time. Or uncontrollable burping! Might be embarrassing but again, much better than spending the day with your head over a toilet positive that you'll see what little food you were able to force down in reverse. Plus Brian has been working for 3 weeks straight (some nights in addition to days) so I'm basically running this joint alone.

Before the craziness, we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary and I didn't even post how thankful I am for him on social media. *Gasp!!! Right??? Isn't that funny? That's the world we live in. I mean it basically means I don't love him or appreciate him. Obviously I'm still doing Instagram wrong. We celebrated with a relaxing day, a dinner date (accompanied by the girls) and that was pretty much it. In fact I'm pretty certain we were both asleep by 9 pm. Ohh the life we lead. Whatever. Brian works like 50-60 hours a week and I'm growing a human while trying to keep up with two other tiny humans so I'll take all the sleep we can get.

I have had this post in the works for a few weeks. I changed it a bit to fit a timeline of posting today but that should tell you a little of what life is like over here. Tomorrow is supposed to be a day off for Brian and I'm kind of excited to just have a helping hand again. You know, someone to give puppy eyes to when Allie is screaming from the bathroom that she's done peeing and someone needs to help her wipe. I'm getting reeeeeeeaallly good at those puppy eyes. Then we can have family nap time where everyone will sleep in the middle of the day because we have nothing else to do.

This is my life now, people. Naps are glorious and bedtime should always be at 8 and basically my life revolves around sleep or wanting to sleep.