Monday, September 17, 2012

Ding Dongs and sabotage.

Day 1: Walked briskly around the block.
Time: 12 minutes (Don't mock... I'm starting slowly here!)
Thoughts? Felt pretty good but I've run into another problem... I've been sabotaged!

For 3 weeks after Allie was born, we had meals brought to us 3 times a week from the women in our church. This was a HUGE blessing but unfortunately for me and my weight loss plan, every meal came with dessert.

And it wasn't just like "Here's one cookie for you to share." It was like "Here, have 12 dozen cookies which will make losing the baby weight impossible. Enjoy!"

It totally would've been easier if the desserts had just been gross tasting but everything that was brought was SO yummy! And it would be like SO rude if I didn't eat some.

Every night.

And sometimes with breakfast. Cereal and some tiramisu, don't mind if I do!

Not to mention that when my parents came, my mom made sure the fridge was stocked with ice cream and Ding Dongs the whole time they were here. SABOTEUR!!! (Let's ignore the fact that someone, who shall remain nameless but just recently had a baby, may or may not have sent a text message to her requesting those be added to the grocery list. Ahem.)

So now that I've been sabotaged by church ladies and my mom, we've slowly progressed back into real life and have removed all of the temptations (by eating them), save a few Ding Dongs that have been left behind. My thought is, I should probably just eat all of those immediately to remove the temptation and then I can really start on this weight loss thing, right?


4 Ding Dongs for dinner... don't mind if I do!

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest