Friday, February 1, 2013


Nicknames are fun.

Brian is...
  • "Poopy" to me. Don't ask.
  • "Dad" or "Daddy" to Allie
  • "Brian" to his family
  • "Reiner" to his baseball buddies
  • "The American" to his co-workers (just kidding... but kind of)
Allie is...
  • "Alexa" to the government
  • "Allie" to everyone else
  • "Baby," "Babes," "Punky" (short for "punkin"), "Little one" to me
  • "Squeaker," "The Kracken" (sp?), "Beastie," "Allie-pie," "Allie-pants," "Allie-pop," "Babycakes," and a plethora of other names to Brian...
I am...
  • "Poopy" to Brian
  • "Mum(s)" or "Mummy" to Allie. (We're trying to convince her she's British.)
  • "Steph" to most of my friends and family
  • "Step-on-me" to my uncles
  • "Peewee" to another uncle 
The things that weird me out...
  • Hearing people call my older sister "Sam." We've only ever called her Samantha, just like we've only ever called my little sis Victoria. So when people are like "Hey, I know Sam!" I'm like, "Sam who?" Oh and just you try calling Victoria "Vicky" or "Tori." She'll scratch your eyes right out. 
  • Hearing other people call their significant others "babe." We're just not "babe" people. That's what I call Allie because she is an actual baby so when I hear someone call a grown up that, it seems like a derogatory thing... no? Am I alone on this? Probs.
  • When I hear someone else use my nickname for a person. Like if someone were to call Brian "Poopy," I'd be like "Excuse me, no." Although sometimes my little sis will say "Poooppaaaayyy" to make fun of the way I say it. That doesn't count though...
  • When I first heard someone call my mom "Maria." I was like, "Wait, her name is Mom. Wait... your name isn't Mom?!?!?!" "Phil? His first name is Agent." Name that movie! Maybe one day I'll tell Allie my name is like Princess Consuela.
Happy Friday!