Monday, February 4, 2013

Thoughts for a Monday

My team lost the Super Bowl. Let me just ease your mind... I'm not like a crazy football fanatic. This is how I pick teams: "Hmm... Ravens and 49ers. Aren't the 49ers from like San Fran? That's really close to us. Okay, they should win. Plus that's cool that they have a rookie quarterback. Oh wait... the Ravens have a guy that's retiring? Okay, I guess that's okay that they won."

The other way I decide which team I like is if they have really funny commercials. That's why I really like the Green Bay Packers and Allstate. The "discount double check" and that Mayhem guy are like my absolute favorite.

Allie has decided that sleeping is no longer a necessity. This girl was sleeping like a champ up until a few weeks ago. 8 hours, then 1 feeding, then 2 more hours. I was like "This mom thing is a piece of cake!"

And then she started teething.

And the world ended.

I'm browsing Pinterest for a new chicken recipe. I have our basic go-to recipes that we do every week but I'm itching to try something new. I'm thinking either this Blackened Chicken and Quinoa (once I figure out what quinoa is) or these Baked Chicken Flautas. Seriously, I see recipes with quinoa all over the place... was it like just discovered or something? I'll have to try it and see what all the fuss is about. Also is it pronounced keen-wah or kwin-oh-wah?

I still have yet to do Allie's mobile. The funny thing is, the decor for her nursery keeps changing. The moodboard that I had done ages ago isn't even close to what it's turning out to be. But I love it. And she totally does too.

At least I'm sure she would if she could. But right now she loves anything that fits into her mouth so I guess her judgment can't really be trusted.

Speaking of the beastie, I'm already planning her 1st birthday. Guess what? She wants to go to Disneyland.

At least that's what I told Brian.

And then I got "the look." You know, that look your husband gives you that's usually followed by a "How much is it gonna cost me?" or a "Is this really for Allie or is it for you?"

You guys don't get that look?

Huh. I get it All. The. Time. Good thing that husband of mine loves me.

And yeah it's totally for me. Allie's birthday is just the excuse.

Happy Monday!