Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Blah Blah Blog

Sometimes I don't blog because I don't have time. Other days, I sit down and have absolutely nothing to write about. No inspiration. No funny stories. Nothing. I'll type a few sentences and then bore myself with the topic (which is always an indicator that I shouldn't be writing about it in the first place).

But sometimes, I just like to type a bunch of random thoughts. Okay, a lot of the time. Fine! All the time! All the random thoughts ALL THE TIME!!! But if I put them in bullet points, it's so neat and organized that it makes it better. Trust me.

All that to say... this is one of those times.
  • On the way home from church, a song from the soundtrack of Pride & Prejudice came on my iPod. I asked Brian if he knew what movie it was from and he totally knew. Success!!! And then for the next 10 minutes we talked in British accents using "thou" instead of "you". "Doest thou have a washroom? Thank thee." Name that movie!
  • Turns out we didn't have a baby. We had a small velociraptor. She screeches ALL. THE. TIME. She doesn't play quietly like other normal babies. She screams and screeches and squawks nearly every waking moment. I have no idea who she gets that from. *blank stare* Also "when she looks at you, you can tell she's working things out. Clever girl..."
  • Ooohhh speaking of the baby, she's rolling over now. I am beginning to think it was a bad idea to teach her how to do that. It all started when I had to change her poopy diaper and she decided she wanted to roll away naked. That's when I knew that her doctor hated me when he said "Do tummy time so she can get stronger and roll over." That jerk. (Totally joking, our doc is like the sweetest guy ever...)
  • And speaking of jerks, whoever invented a teething giraffe that squeaks when you squeeze it obviously despises mothers all over the world. The only thing it seems to have taught Allie is how to wring the neck of a small animal. Which kind of worries me. 
  •  Whenever it's windy and I'm walking outside, all of a sudden I'm a model in a fashion shoot. I start strutting around and then throw my hip to the side in a sassy "look at me" way. And then I remember I'm at Winco and people are staring (and not in a good way).
  • Sometimes I get carried away showing Allie how to play with her toys and it entertains me more than it does her. I think Brian is concerned about this. 
  • Yesterday it was sunny, windy, and cold outside, which always reminds me of the beach. I was wearing shorts and a sweatshirt and listening to Jack Johnson all day while hugging my Rainbows. I really miss the beach. *Sigh... (If you don't know... Rainbows are the greatest flip flops known to mankind. I'm also pretty sure they're a So Cal thing because I've never seen anyone wearing them around these parts, unless they spent a significant portion of their life in So Cal.)
  • Allie is asleep for her morning nap and even though I have loads of laundry and dishes to do, I really want to craft. Clean underwear or crocheted baby blanket... Decisions, decisions...