Tuesday, April 30, 2013

If babies could talk

I have mentioned before how loud our daughter is. I really think this is due to the fact that Brian and I are extremely loud for no reason at all, so she probably feels like she needs to keep up. We also figured out that we've just started a chain reaction that will ruin all of our children. Even if we try to be quiet with the next one, Allie will be all loud and then the next baby will be like "Oh, okay, loudness is normal."

All that to say... I thought it'd be fun to write a post about what Allie would be saying in the midst of all those sounds if she could talk.
  • (When happily riding in her car seat on a trip to the grocery store) "Heeeeeyyyyy mooommmm... *squeal* I'm just chillin' back here in the car seat... *scream* Mom! I think I can be louder than the music! Watch! *AUUUGGGHHHHHH*"
  • (When she wakes up early and plays in her crib for awhile before I get her) "Oooh... Oooohhh... I just woke up from 12 hours of sleep *SQQQUUUEEEAALLLL* and now I'm going *SQQUUEEEAAALLL* to let Mom know. Oh, there's my tiger *SQUUUEEEAAALLL*"
  • (When I put her down awake and she's tired but not ready to fall asleep just yet) "Heeeyyyy guys... I can still hear you... *Waaahhh* I just wanted you to know that I'm not asleep yet... I'm too tired to really cry but I'll just whine feebly until the tiredn--ZZZZZZZZ"
  • (When she grabs something that's unsafe for her to play with and I take it away) "HOW DARE YOU REMOVE THAT TOY FROM MY HAND YOU INFIDE--Oh look, a cracker."
  • (When I'm making dinner and she's playing in her high chair) "AH! AH! My, this block is delicious to chew on. AH! I think I can go higher and louder than that. AH-- *reaches sounds only dogs can hear* 
  • (When she's playing and I walk out of the room) "Doo doo doo... Just playing with my toys while Mom watches m-- WHERE DID MOM GO?? I'VE BEEN ABANDONED! I WILL DIE! SOMEO-- Oh, there you are. Doo doo doo... playing with my toys..."
  • (When she's been playing for 15 minutes and then decides she wants to be picked up) "Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Ma. Mommy. Momma. Mummy. Momma. Mommy. MOM. MOM. MOM! MOMMMYYYY! MOOOOOOOOMMMMYYYYY!! MOOOOOOM!!!!! *I pick her up* Hi. *smiles*"