Monday, February 10, 2014

And Then The Floor Was Gone

The day after ripping down the wall, we decided to tackle the floors in the entry/dining/kitchen area. Yes, I'm trying to spread out these home improvement-y posts because it's so not me and it's probably going to be pretty slow from here on out. So if I have to wait patiently for it to get done, you have to wait patiently to read about it. :D

Brian went at the tile with a breaker bar (which is a really heavy stick with a flat end for everyone else who has no idea what that is).

I didn't even have to tell him to pose. I am one lucky woman!!! :D

The stick-on laminate or vinyl (not even sure what it was) was a little tougher. The dining area came up in almost one piece but the kitchen area had to be pried up chunk by chunk.

This is where I decided to get down and dirty and help out with the demo (whereas before I had just been clearing out the debris). Brian insisted I just sit and rest but I was bored and itching to do something. Sadly, I don't have pictures of myself working, but I sat and tackled the corners and pieces of glue that didn't come up with a small metal thingy with a flat part at one end. Maybe I should ask Brian what that tool was called.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a home improvement blog!!! If you go to Home Depot, and ask for a small, flat metal thing to rip up vinyl or whatever, you'll probably get laughed at.

Taking a break

Anyway, once the carpets come up it will be ready for us to paint. After painting, Brian will start laying laminate and we're really hoping that goes quickly so we don't have spots that still need to get done after we move in BUT I'M TOTALLY OKAY IF THERE ARE.