Monday, February 3, 2014

The One Where A Wall Was Knocked Down

Well, we had a busy weekend. In between soaking up the last few days with Brian's family, we've also been trying to tackle some of the bigger things that he needed some manlier help with. And by manlier, I mean someone stronger and sturdier than his pregnant wife. I'm actually surprisingly strong, considering I lift 30 lbs throughout the day. Not to mention this 30 lbs takes the form of a very squirmy toddler so, it's more like 50 lbs.

Anyway, they decided to tackle the wall so I could just stand back and take pics while they brought it down. The way their house is set up, you walk into an entry way and you can either turn left into the "great room" (i.e. kitchen/dining/living area) or turn right to go down the hallway to the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Because there isn't a lot of natural light in their house, Brian had suggested removing the wall to make things feel more open. In a perfect world with thousands of dollars, we'd vault the ceiling. Alas, this is still their home and we're just renters that they very graciously allowed to take over the renovations for them. In reality, we love doing this kind of stuff so we were more than happy to take on the project.

That white panel used to be a window that was broken. Brian is going to drywall over it so it looks flat and the light switch will be moved there since we tore down the wall where the light switch currently lives..

View from the living room looking at the dining/entryway

View from the kitchen. And Brian's blurry younger bro.

My sorry attempt at a panoramic. Sorry. Photographer I am not.
The first up to take a swing at the wall was, of course, Brian's mom. It didn't really come down with the sledge hammer because that would've been too messy, but it was fun to watch everyone take a swing. Allie and I sat back for this part because I didn't want to embarrass myself. I mean, I didn't want to risk anything, being pregnant and all.

After the wall came down, we went home since it was already way past Allie's bedtime. But since Brian's parents were still in a destructive mood, they decided to tear down some hanging cabinets. I don't have pics yet since we weren't there but soon... We have to wait for them to clear more stuff out anyway to get some proper pics.

Tune in next week for: And then the floor was gone.