Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A new life in our lives

Ahh life these days. Where do I begin... I'll just start typing and hope my thoughts all make sense. 

Having 2 kids is a piece of cake, said the naive mom 3 days into it. But seriously, I know we'll have our rough days, but I've been able to shower every day AND brush my teeth. And I only forgot to put on deodorant once, which is actually a pretty bad mistake in this 100 degree weather. Plus the house is semi-clean - well, as much as it can be in the midst of a remodel. And no one has starved. Yet. 

My sister went home yesterday and I'm so glad she was able to be here for a week. She got to hang out with Allie, survived staying with her alone one night while we were at the hospital and even squeezed in some time with Maddie. God definitely provided for us by timing Maddie's arrival perfectly! 

Allie LOVES her baby sister. She always wants to hold her and when she does, she sits still for 20 minutes, which is like a miracle. She loves smooching her sis and pointing out her toes and ears and hair. She gets so sad and says "Crying!! Crying!" whenever Maddie starts to cry. She is the best little helper whenever I need to feed or change Maddie. Like she'll throw the diaper away and bring burp cloths and my water to me. And then while I'm feeding she wants to sit right next to me and pat Maddie's head. I use the nursing cover when Brian's brother is around and Allie has to be under the cover with Maddie, it's the cutest thing. 

And me? Well, I'm hanging in there. There's a lot of aches and pains that come with the recovery part of having a baby but I'm so thankful to have a husband who is taking care of me, a toddler, and still working on remodeling the house. At least Maddie makes it easy on him, he gets to hold her whenever she's sleepy or needs to be burped. 

My parents arrive tomorrow so we'll see if I have time to blog because I seriously have so much to catch up on but, you know, newborn snuggles and chatty toddler conversations are sorta my free time these days. And I'm loving it.