Thursday, July 31, 2014

Friday List

It's Monday afternoon Thursday night and I really should be sleeping because both girls are sleeping (!) and I think I got collectively 2 hours of sleep last night, thanks to a super gassy newborn and a toddler having a nightmare. But alas, I'm blogging because my brain is too awake. Trust me, I'll regret this decision at oh... somewhere around 2 a.m. tomorrow morning.

  • I decided to try a mushroom black truffle sauce flatbread from Trader Joe's. My reason? It sounded very grown up and "Ratatouille". Does that sentence even make sense? Anyway, it wasn't that great so I'll stick to my childlike taste buds (aka Bagel Bites).
  • One of the women who brought meals brought trail mix. She said "I figured it must be healthy because it has the dried fruit in it." We laughed. Then I ate all the nuts and chocolate and left the fruit. Does that defeat its purpose? 
  • I've been doing some compulsive list making for our Maui trip. I'm hoping that the stress of packing for a toddler and a newborn will be totally worth it when I'm lying on a beach. 
  • Allie is turning 2 in a few weeks. I said no.
  • I just fell asleep on the keyboard so...