Monday, April 25, 2016

Blast from the past

I wrote the following post the day that we moved to So Cal and haven't posted it until now. Life, am I right?

It's 1:30 in the morning. I've just spent 10 hours in a car with 2 toddlers and have survived to tell the tale. It wasn't AS bad as I thought it would be but there were still some moments that made me promise myself road trips would not happen again until the girls were out of car seats. All the movies on the iPad and junk food could not keep them from getting antsy and at 7:30 pm when we stopped at Taco Bell for a healthy dinner, they danced and jumped and spun circles all around the restaurant while I was doing all I could to revive myself.

So now that I'm finally laying in a bed, you'd think I would immediately pass out like Brian, Allie, and Maddie did, right? Guess not. It's not that I'm not tired, it's just that when the mood strikes to write, I write. 

Moving 500 miles is no small feat. The last 2 weeks have been an absolute blur and it still hasn't sunk in. The future is so unknown and it's terrifying. Exciting but scary. New home, new job, new church, new friends. I hope that things are just as good as Sacramento or better but I also miss people there and know those friendships can't be replaced. 

Packing your life up is exhausting. You start out all organized and label happy and then it turns into either tossing things into boxes or the trash. 

Loading a moving truck is exhausting and I'm pretty certain we would still be loading it if we hadn't had Brian's dad to help us.

But here we are. Finally. Phew...