Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Life... a month ago.

Another post I wrote a month ago and never got around to publishing... but I still like to see where my thoughts were because things are so different now!


We're slowly settling into our new home. It took us:
  • 1 day to go to the beach. We were obviously having withdrawals from the last 6 years. 
  • 3 days to acclimate to warmer weather. We stepped out the other night and I thought 60 degrees was freezing. I guess deep down I was always a So Cal girl. 
  • 1 week to not get lost going to Target. But I still don't know exactly where Sprouts is. 
  • 10 days to unpack 95% of our things. I have a feeling it'll take 4 months to get to those last 2 boxes.
Moving back into apartments has been interesting. It's not bad -- there's a lot I could complain about but I'm happy to have a roof over our heads. And it's forced me to get creative with storage which means a lot of $4 Swedish shelving solutions. I think more than ever, our living situation looks like it was sponsored by Ikea.

Tiny apartment means there's nowhere to go when the girls are screaming and running up and down the hallway. There's nowhere to go when they're napping and I'm trying to be quiet because oh my goodness, they need a good nap. My parents bought us a wagon that I think is supposed to be used for toting things to the beach but it has been a huge help in toting toddlers and groceries from the parking lot to our apartment. 

The perks? We met a few wonderful families at church. Our new church is different but it's the same God, the same Bible, the same call to worship and fellowship together. We love it in a different way. Brian's job has been sort of easing him in slowly (which I'm sure won't last long) but he already has some other possibilities on the horizon that would be really great. We'll see what God has in store for us!