Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Friday List

Looks like it's time for a Friday list on Thursday again.
  • Mommy brain is in full effect. I washed my hair twice in the past 24 hours. I am not sure why. 
  • Sometimes when Brian has been doing computer-y work all day and he's mentally exhausted, he'll say "My brian hurts". Which is funny because he's had people misspell his name ALL the time. His Kaiser card for the longest time said Brain Reiner. And they would NOT change it no matter how many change of name forms I sent in. 
  • I've had several opportunities this week to sit down, relax and crochet. Instead, I decided to read Dilbert comics. Random, right? I don't even know who I am anymore.
  • My sister and her husband visited last weekend. I don't think I have any pictures for you unless you follow me on Instagram and saw that Allie ate a whole Drumstick Ice Cream Cone by herself practically. 
  • Speaking of the Kraken, she cut a tooth yesterday. One down, a million more to go. Okay, not a million. She's a baby, not a shark.
  • Speaking more of the Kraken, she has definitely figured out how to scream. It amazes me that her lungs and vocal chords can reach those decibles. So excited for when she starts to throw bigger tantrums. *insert really unexcited face here*
  • Last week's perfect weather made me want to go to the beach. Except there is no beach around here unless you want to drive 100+ miles. Womp womp...
  • Ooh! I made pierogi! Let's just say I'm so ashamed of how it turned out, I couldn't even Instagram about it. But I definitely showed Brian the picture of how it was supposed to look and said "Nailed it." Husband laughed = success.
  • I officially weigh less than I did before I was pregnant. What's my secret? Breastfeeding, eating cookie dough as a mid-morning snack, housework and carrying around a 19 lb baby. Maybe I should like do a YouTube tutorial: "How to not try to lose weight but do it anyway." It could also be called "The Life of an Actual Real Housewife." Probably not as popular as all those Real Housewives shows considering I probably only have about 0.001% of the money and drama that they do. But I wouldn't know because we don't have cable here. It just seems like they have lots of money and drama. And maids.
  • I'm so glad the weekend is almost here again. Someone get me a margarita coffee glass of milk and a cookie.
  • Happy Almost Friday!