Thursday, March 14, 2013

If you give a mom a cookie

If you give a mouse housewife a cookie, she'll have to get some milk to go with it.

When she opens the fridge, she'll see spills on the shelves and decide to clear everything out.

As she's clearing everything out, she'll need to throw away what's expired.

While she's throwing away what's expired, she'll see that the garbage needs to be taken out.

As she's emptying all the garbage cans, she'll notice how dirty the bathroom is.

As she begins to clean the bathroom, she'll find that the towels need to be washed.

When she grabs the towels to wash them, she can't avoid noticing the pile of laundry that also needs to be done.

After she puts the first load of clothes to wash, she'll see the floor cleaner on the shelf above the washer and dryer and remember that the floors need to be swept and mopped.

As she's grabbing the broom to sweep the floors, she thinks it's better if the house is dusted first.

As she's looking for the duster, she'll pass the kitchen sink and remember that the dishes need to be washed so she'll be able to cook dinner that night.

Once she's pulled on her rubber gloves to do the dishes, seeing all that water reminds her how thirsty she is.

As she's pouring herself a glass of milk, she'll remember that nothing goes better with a glass of milk than a cookie.