Friday, August 15, 2014

Pierced ears

Last weekend Allie was playing with my earrings and asked Brian to put one on her. (Meaning she held it up and said "On? On? On?")

This is what happened...

B: You have to have pierced ears to wear earrings Allie.
A: ....
B: Do you want me to pierce your ears?
A: Yeah?
B: Okay... *pushes earring into her ear pretending to pierce it*
A: *doesn't flinch. Doesn't even say anything, just looks at him like "Done?"
B: *pushes harder*
A: *still standing there fully expecting that her ears will be pierced in 2 seconds
B: "What's wrong with our kid?"
Me: "That's my girl."

Piercing Allie's ears was a huge debate for us. Being Mexican, my ears have been pierced since I was 6 months old. Same with both my sisters. So naturally when we had a girl, everyone on my side of the family assumed she'd have her ears pierced before she could sit up.

Brian, on the other hand, thought it was barbaric to do something to her that she might not even want in the future. So we didn't get her ears pierced. He wants her to be able to ask for it herself (he's assuming this will happen sometime around the age of 18. I know better. I'm thinking it'll definitely be done before she's 5.)

But that didn't stop me from picking out her very first set of adorable studs. They're nothing like the earrings I wore as a kid. You know, hot pink and yellow hearts and stars? Very Lisa Frank. Anyway, these are stylish and simple. And since she's not using them anytime soon, who says I can't wear them in the meantime?