Friday, August 8, 2014


Public Service Announcement: It would be easier, cheaper and less stressful for you to ship a box with all of your belongings to your destination than to try to pack everything in a way that is cost effective and not violating any TSA regulations.

We have 3 weeks left until we leave for Maui. I just did a trial pack of our toiletries because we don't plan to check any bags (since that costs $50 these days) which means all of our toiletries and baby essentials have to be packed into 3 ounce containers that will fit into a quart sized bag.

No big, right?

Yeah... until you're trying to figure out what a "liquid, gel, or paste" is. Like... deodorant? Chapstick? Baby wipes? Some TSA forums say anything that doesn't retain its shape is a liquid but others say even a gel deodorant counts and has to be in the bag.

Why am I stressing over this tiny thing, right? We can just buy stuff when we get there... Sure. But I'm also trying to avoid a full groping/pat down from the TSA like this mom who used glycerin laced wipes right before going through security. Don't worry, I've researched the ingredients in the wipes we use and there's no glycerin... but still. Plus I don't want to buy bottles of toiletries that would otherwise last us a few months for a 10 day vacation. Why should I have to worry about this so much?

Remember when you could take a bottle of water on a plane? Remember when you could see your family off at the gate? Remember when airlines didn't charge for checked luggage?

Those were the good ol' days. But those days are gone. And now my options are: a) hope that 3 ounces of body wash will last 10 days or b) don't shower while we're there.

Now excuse me while I go see how many outfits for 10 days I can squeeze into a carry-on bag. *cringes and wipes sweat from brow*

This will be interesting.