Friday, December 12, 2014

A few of my favorite things: Piko Shirt

I talked a bit about fashion last week and how I shop for myself based on what looks good on me and feels comfortable and not on what looks good on the model. So I decided to start a series where every once in awhile I'll highlight a find that I've been willing to splurge on because it is so very worth it.

One of the challenges of my post-pregnancy body is that things are just lumpier than they used to be. I'm working on firming things up but in the meantime, I needed something that would flatter my shape but not be clingy. Enter the Piko Shirt from Shop Sosie:

Cozy Long Sleeve Top in Light Grey by Piko

This is not a paid advertisement. I wish! It is just me spreading the news of this wonderful find.

I now have this shirt in a long sleeve green, a short sleeve gray, and the black v-neck is on my Christmas wish list.

It is sooo comfortable and the loose, flowiness hides my slooowwwly shrinking love handles. Plus the sleeves are very fitted so it still somehow flatters my body shape. Not to mention the wide neck shows a bit of clavicle so it doesn't look like a frumpy mom shirt. At any rate, it's a total win in my book. I know it won't fit everyone's body type but it happens to work just fine with mine so it made it to the list!