Thursday, December 4, 2014

Old school

So I made the plunge and got a pair of Vans. It was one of my birthday presents. To me.

Just kidding my mama got them for me.

But I did surprise myself with a few birthday presents. I loved them all. 

Anyway, the first time I wore my Vans, I had the thought of "Maybe... I'm too old to be wearing Vans?" Which got me thinking... can you ever be too old for a fashion trend? I've noticed these days that it's popular to wear crop tops with high-waisted shorts (umm... yes, the 90's called and they want their fashion trends back.) Obviously I haven't seen anyone over the age of 30 sporting this look (although I'm sure somewhere in the world, there is) so the question begs... At what point are you too old to be sporting the same trend as the kids half your age?

Not like I'm going to be waltzing around in a crop top anytime soon. I happen to think that a woman's clothing choices should mature as they do so that means you stop shopping at Forever 21 and start shopping at places where the shirts cost more than $5.90 and last longer than 2 weeks. But that's just me.

Which also has me thinking... as I get older, I see the value of spending a little more money on a classic, basic piece that will last me many moons. I also see the value of buying what I like to wear as opposed to what I think looks good on the mannequin. Like v-neck tees. I must have 52 v-neck t-shirts but it's because my go-to uniform on a daily basis is a v-neck tee with leggings. Which are pants, right? Please say yes.

Because if you say leggings aren't pants, then the only pants I own that fit are maternity pants. And we all know that maternity pants, without a giant preggo belly, will have nothing to hold on to. So basically if you say leggings aren't pants, you're condemning me to walk around with my pants continually trying to make a break for it. Or I'll be wearing suspenders. But wait... am I old enough to be wearing suspenders? Don't you have to be at least 70+? Hmm.