Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Disneyland Recap

I forgot to recap our trip to Disneyland/So Cal to see family. It was so much fun... a lot of excitement including a trip to the E.R. and as always, way too short!

Miss "I'm such a professional plane flyer now"

Ryan is actually a month younger than Maddie, believe it or not.

She was speechless when she saw Cinderella. But still managed a great pose and smile.

On her second favorite ride, the carousel. (#1 is Dumbo, of course)

Waiting for Heimlich's Chew Chew Train

Still waiting...

All the good pictures of the kids have my sister in them. She gets to be the cool, fun, single auntie for awhile. 

Allie got to wear her "pretty dress" the second day.

Grandpa and Maddie

My aunt, uncle and cousins joined us the second day

The crazies in the front row

My cousins' kids got balloons but then they fell asleep so Allie got to play with both. She was pretty happy about that...

Silly faces with Uncle Carl

My sister, her husband, and older son.

Sisters with Mom (Victoria lasted 5 minutes holding Maddie in the Ergo)

The big kids got to ride Radiator Racers while Grandma & Grandpa hung out with the littles.

Brian is way more artsy than I even think about being.

Cousins. Atticus is trying to escape the death grip/hand holding.

And... we have fun.