Monday, December 8, 2014

Interviews with Allie

It's crazy that in just a short amount of time, Allie has gone from singular words to stringing together sentences. I thought I'd start a diary of some of the things she says that make me smirk from day to day.

Me: "Allie, time to pee in the toilet."
Allie: "No. I peed in the toilet yesterday."

Allie: (listening to "I wonder" from Sleeping Beauty) "What's this?"
Me: Sleeping Beauty
A: No, it's Cinderella.
Me: I think I would know. It's Sleeping Beauty.
A: No, it's Cinderella.
Me: Fine. You win. It's Cinderella.
A: No, it's Sleeping Beauty.

Me: "Allie, please be gentle around Maddie."
A: *makes a face at Maddie, who giggles in return* "Look. It's happy."

Me: *cleaning her nose out with an aspirator*

*Maddie is fussing in her chair*
A: "It's okay Maddie. It's okay. I've got you."

Literally every single time she goes to the bathroom.
And yes, even in public places like church, or restaurants. She comes back and announces it with such enthusiasm, arms raised up like she's just finished a marathon. It's my own fault, I suppose, for making such a big deal out of it in the first place. Curse you potty training tips on Pinterest!

And a funny incident... Brian was cleaning up from making waffles with Allie, Maddie was asleep on our bed, and I was showering. He heard Allie walk away and realized it was too quiet. He walked back to our room to find Allie holding a very awake Maddie. Actually she wasn't holding her and I'm not sure I can convey the awkwardness of the situation. Just imagine what it would look like if a toddler decided to pick up a sleeping baby. Allie just informed Brian "I hold my baby."