Friday, September 25, 2015

A Friday List

  1. I can't stand strong flowery smells. Which is why I can't jump on the essential oil bandwagon. My mom once gave me something to rub on my forehead to help with a cold and the smell gave me such a bad headache, I had to wash it off. Which is also why you will never smell any perfume or scented anything on me. I accidentally bought scented deodorant once and the smell drove me crazy. 
  2. I'll run to catch the microwave before it ends and starts beeping. I wasn't always like this though. I think the addition to my life of noisy toddlers all day long has made me overly sensitive to other sounds.
  3. Allie is really into wearing a Cinderella dress that my mom got her. It's probably the ooh's and ahh's she got from wearing it the first time that keeps her coming back for more, but she is constantly asking to wear it. I let her because she's a kid and I know how fun it can be to play dress up and I don't want to be that mom. But sometimes I have to take it away because oh my word, glitter EVERYWHERE. 
  4. Speaking of princesses, Maddie is trying soooo hard to talk. She already says a few words but sometimes she'll come up to me and say "Mom!" and when I ask her what she needs, she babbles out this whole sentence that doesn't make any sense at all but it's like in her head, she's telling me exactly what she needs. It's really the cutest thing ever. 
  5. I have this thing with cardigans. I sort of had a thing before I moved to Nor Cal, but after one cold winter (and obviously I use that term relatively because it was cold compared to what this So Cal girl is used to) I stocked up on layers that I could wear over all my tank tops. To the point that I think at one time I had a cardigan in every color and 2 in gray and black. Which leads me to my next point. 
  6. I did a major purge of my closet this summer. Most of what I got rid of was stuff that I was convinced I could fit into after pregnancies. After 2 pregnancies and realizing my chest/rear were never going to be the same, I decided to face reality and get rid of a ton of stuff. Everything left is very loose and flowy and maternity. I have one box in the garage of "skinny clothes" because a small part of me thinks that someday I might go back to wearing pants that don't have an elastic waist and bras that aren't bigger than my 3 year old's head but we'll see if that ever happens. 
  7. It's fall again which means it's time for me to start a bunch of crochet projects that will sit half finished for 3 years. I mean I could finish projects I already have instead of starting new ones but that sounds way too easy... and by fall, I mean it's the end of September because here in Cali, it still feels like summer. That's fine by me though. I know it'll be cold soon enough and then I'll be longing for warm days again...
  8. We have about a month left before our trip to So Cal. I'm so excited, not just to see family who I miss like CRAZY but to give us a little break from the craziness that is Brian's job, a home remodel, life with 2 toddlers, the usual. I mean, the girls will have a set of grandparents, 2 auntie's and an uncle who's sole job will be to make sure I have a relaxing time, right?
  9. I got a text from a friend asking advice about possible home remodel and it was like early Christmas or something. I seriously love this stage of planning and picking stuff out and I think we have a sickness because both Brian and I were drooling at a house they passed up that would need a total gut job. At least we're crazy together, right?
  10. I'm pregnant.