Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Birthday Wishes

We are 2 months away from our annual family Disneyland trip which means I am also 2 months away from turning 31. I think as I get older, my taste is getting more refined. That's fancy talk for "everything on my birthday list costs more than $100." But hear me out! I have a good reason. I promise. Mostly. And if it sounds like I'm presenting a case to you for each one, it's because I am. If I'm persuasive enough, then I won't have to sell any limbs to get these.

Birthday wishes

1. Madewell Mini Transport Crossbody Tote 

I've had my eye on this purse for a very long time. Let's just say last year around my birthday I was already scheming how I could sell some furniture to buy it. It seems versatile enough and to be frank, I'm tired of carrying around a diaper bag as a purse (as cute as my diaper bags are). The thing is, I don't go anywhere without needing to bring diapers and at least snacks for the runts but I'm pretty certain that would all fit in here.

2. The Horse The Classic Watch in Gray Leather/Rose Gold 

I'm a watch person lately, probably because I'm constantly checking to see how much time I have left until nap time/moments of silence. This watch makes my neutral loving heart sing. It's so classic and the kind of thing that will look good with a t-shirt and jeans but also with a fancy dress. Brian pointed out there are no numbers but you know what, fashion is about sacrifice and if I have to sit there counting with my fingers to guess the time, then that is what I'll do!

3. Free People Lounge All Day Cardigan

If I actually lounge around all day in it, is that a good enough excuse to buy it? I mean I'll definitely be getting my money's worth if you ask me. Plus a cream cardi in the winter would go with eeeeeeverything even sweats and a pajama top so really the question is why AREN'T you buying it?

4. Humble Hilo Backpack in Blanca

I recently discovered this company and really like what they do, not to mention the bags they make. Sure they're a bit more pricey but when you think about the fact that you're feeding a child for a month or providing a month of education to a woman, it makes the bag seem like icing on the cake. This is actually the one thing that, if I had to pick from my extensive birthday list, I might actually spend money on. Mostly because they care for children and I have always had a huge soft spot in my heart when it comes to caring for kids who are in need. Okay so before I start weeping all over the keyboard, go check them out.

As for the usefulness of the backpack, imagine flying on a plane or going to a park and you have to sling your diaper bag over your shoulder but it keeps coming off and you can't adjust it because you have your two kids' hands in a death lock grip so they don't go running into the street and you're just hoping it doesn't come swinging down and dump its contents and heaven forbid you should have to bend over because that means it will have to balance precariously on your bum so it doesn't take out your toddler. Now imagine you have a backpack. Ahhhh. Isn't that so much easier?