Friday, September 11, 2015

Fall Fashion

We're having another week in the hundreds here but next weeks forecast is 70-80 degrees which has me gearing up for fall in a major way. I definitely cannot add more clothes to my closet (considering I gave away 8 trash bags full over the summer. 8 tiny trash bags but still.) but if I were going to add to it, these are a few things I'd make sure to scoop up. Fall is all about layers and I love it because the more layers, the more accessories you have to work with. I'm a big fan of keeping the under layers simple but changing it up with just about a million different scarf options.

Note: I know most of my stuff is from my normal haunts (H&M, Old Navy, Target) but you guys should check out Winsome Jones. She runs a small little boutique dedicated to clothing that is modest. That is definitely a store motto I can get behind and I most likely definitely already own that mauve lace skirt because it's gorgeous and how could I not?