Friday, February 17, 2012

A Pinterest President's Day Weekend

Things I will be doing this lovely 3-day weekend. Maybe.
  • Making plov. Our church is like 97% Russian/Ukrainian so when we have church events, we usually have some Russian food thrown in there. Both my husband and I have tried and LOVED plov (or is it palov?) Either way, I've been meaning to finally try making it on my own and with a little help from the ladies at church, I think I'm going to attempt it this weekend. Between this video and this recipe and a little google translator, I think I'll be in business. The only thing I'm concerned about is I distinctly remember chickpeas in the plov I've tried before and I'm wondering if it's a big deal to add them in... The guy in the vid seems to throw them in and nothing explodes so hopefully it'll be that easy for me.
  • Crocheting. I've currently got 3 different projects going on and my husband has officially cut me off from purchasing any more yarn until I start finishing the skeins I've purchased so far. I can't help it though!!! Yarn is so pretty...
  • Baby shower #1 for one of the 12 women in our church who is pregnant. I'm #10 or 11 in line I think... Crazy, right??
  • Making some homemade ice cream. This one might not happen but I really really REALLY want to try out the ice cream maker we got for Christmas and a lazy 3-day weekend seems like the perfect time to do that.
  • Scouring the internet and Joann's for some material to make this skirt and this dress... they look so simple right? But first I must find material and then make friends with my sewing machine. I might have to convince one of my sisters to take a trip to the garment district in downtown L.A. where stuff is SUPER cheap. Maybe if I promise them a maxi skirt in return they'll do it for me....

Well those are my plans but as always, these are subject to change. Subject to whether or not I have enough energy to attempt any of these things... Have a lovely weekend and Happy President's Day!!!