Monday, February 13, 2012

Sorry. But also not.

This weekend turned out to be more fun than I expected. I got most of the things done on my list (except the exercise) and still managed to sneak in a nap (or three).

I know I said I'd try to not turn this into a pregnancy blog but it's already creeping towards "baby blog" and when you're having a baby, you'll understand. So I'm sorry. If you're not a mom, stop reading and I promise I'll have something more fun for you in 25 years or so when my child is grown up and will no longer dominate this blog.

Almost all of my conversations with my husband lately have started like this "So I was reading reviews on this stroller" or "I saw this carseat and I think after researching it's the one I want" so on a trip to Target to get some essentials, I decided to steer him past the stroller and car seat display to just check and see what they had.

Turns out my husband is pretty excited about getting a good stroller. We saw one that included a car seat that I had put in my list of top 5 so he pulled it down off of the display and then "tested" it. This involved him running up and down the aisle and turning quickly and sharply around the corners. I imagine he thinks I'll be doing some kind of army base camp training with our baby in tow but whatevs, I let him have his fun because it meant that he was showing interest in something I've been obsessing over for like a month now.

The hard thing with reviews is that there is always someone who's had a bad experience. It's very difficult to weed through the whiny people and see if there's a pattern of something breaking or being difficult or whatever. But being there with the strollers in the Target aisle really helped me get the feel of the weight and whether it really was easy to break down with one-hand (and yes, my husband required me to pretend I was holding a baby while I folded a stroller).

Oh and it took both of us pulling handles and pushing buttons and banging it on the floor to figure out how to release a car seat from it's base. We eventually figured it out though. Good thing we did it now instead of just getting frustrated and toting our child around with the base still attached to the carseat.

We might as well be wearing signs that say "THIS IS OUR FIRST CHILD. OBVIOUSLY."

At any rate, this is my list of top 5 strollers. I know you're all going to LOVE it. Especially you single ladies.

1. Baby Jogger 2011 City Mini $200: This is the one I've had my eye on from the very beginning and as strollers go, it seems to be in a good price range. I LOVE the color but it's sold out everywhere so hopefully in the next 6 months they start making it again. The cons? All the accessories are sold separately (and not cheaply) and I have yet to test one out in the store. Plus it's not a jogging stroller. HAHAHAHAHAHA.... Sorry I just imagined myself actually jogging. That's it.
2. The BOB 2011 Revolution SE $500: This one is a bit more pricey but after seeing it demonstrated in person (before I even knew I was pregnant) we were convinced that we wanted this stroller. (It helped that the dad demonstrating it was REALLY excited about it.) Even if we didn't have a baby. Conveniently within a week, I found out I was pregnant!

3. Origami Power Folding Stoller $900: This one is outrageously expensive (coming in at a whopping $900) BUT it folds by itself at the push of a button, charges your phone and itself while you are pushing it and has pathway lights on the front. Totally uneccessary (as my husband pointed out: we could just tie flashlights to the stroller) but I can still pretend like this one might be an option.

4. Signature Series by Graco Trekko 3-Wheel Travel System Stroller $300: I hadn't given this one much thought because it had so many bad reviews, but after surviving my husband's rigorous testing, I decided to throw it on the list. Plus it saves us a little bit of money by buying both stroller and carseat together.

5. Bugaboo Cameleon +$1,500: This one is also outrageously expensive but I've seen several moms strolling this around church and it seems to be pretty popular. But yeah we're not going to pay $1,500 (after you buy all the accessories) for a stroller especially since my husband says if we buy a $1,500 stroller for baby then he's going to buy his $5,000 camera that he's been wanting. (I don't know where we're getting all this money from but it's another one to pretend about)
So there you have it. Decisions, decisions. Oh wait, I forgot the one my husband wanted to buy.

Especially for Kids Umbrella Stroller: Coming in at a steep price of $20. I think I cringed a little bit when he suggested this "money saver". Partly because I knew he was joking and partly because I hoped he was joking.